O'Brien: Defense 'much better'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien complimented the play of the defense after Sunday's scrimmage, saying they cut down on the missed tackles from a week ago.

Tom O'Brien Scrimmage Audio

On Justin Burke and Harrison Beck not playing
"We wanted to get the younger kids a lot of work and the only way we can get them work when you have five guys is to get them in there and get them as much work as we could. We made the decision to go with two young guys and Daniel today."

On if this means the two QBs are out of the race for the starting job
"They were today. We'll see where they are tomorrow. It's still an evaluation stage."

On Andre Brown and Toney Baker not playing
"We held [Brown] out today. Baker is not going to scrimmage in the preseason at all."

On the star of the scrimmage
"The defense – played much better. Last week they missed too many tackles and we didn't have missed tackles. That makes a heck of a lot of difference."

On the defense besting the offense
"Practice is like the ying and yang of things. As the defense gets better the offense will get better and as long as everyone keeps getting better. You have to work to make each other a better football team."

On tomorrow's off day
"They need it because they have exams the next two days – that's why we are doing it. It just comes at the right time because I think we are a little tired too, a little hit out. But that's good too."

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