Ohio WR has Lots of Interest

Bryan Underwood has emerged as one of the nation's most sught-after wide receivers. Pack Pride has the latest on his recruiting.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio wide receiver Bryan Underwood received a steady stream of offers from programs earlier in the year, and now he has the luxury of taking his time with the recruiting process. The 5-9, 162-pound wide out spoke with PackPride.com about where he stands on things today.

As a junior at Cleveland Heights, Underwood caught 40 passes for 570 yards and seven touchdowns. He hopes to improve on those numbers this year, but he knows opposing defenses will be keying in on him.

"I've been too busy with my team to go to any schools, really," Underwood said of his summer schedule. "I think we had two or three 7 on 7's. We went to Mount Union and played three different teams, then we went to Akron and played a number of teams.

"We did a pretty good job and held our own. We ran everything well and played as a team. Nobody made too many mistakes. I feel that I performed as a leader, as I should have. I was helping all the young guys and showing them what to do.

"I'm hoping I can get better numbers this year, but you never know what kind of defenses they'll prepare for us."

While Underwood has not been speaking to coaches of late, he has been getting plenty of mail from the schools that have offered.

"I haven't heard from many coaches lately," he said. "I've just been getting letters from schools like Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Louisville, Pittsburgh, NC State, Indiana, and the list goes on.

"I haven't sat down and compared these schools just yet. I'm just kind of waiting and seeing what my options in. I'm going to let more (offers) come in and see what I want to do."

NC State has been sending plenty of mail to the explosive receiver, and they are a school he will give a long look to before he makes his decision.

"The last time I talked to them was a while ago but I've been getting a lot of handwritten letters from them. They're just letting me know that they hope my team goes good and they're letting me know how their players are doing."

Underwood plans on taking all of his official visits before making his decision at the conclusion of his senior year. Soon he will sit down with his head coach and make plans for those officials.

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