O'Brien: Offense has to be 'more precise'

RALEIGH, N.C. -– NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the Wolfpack's Friday scrimmage, discussing his overall impressions and announcing wide receiver Donald Bowens will be out for the year with a back injury.

Tom O'Brien Audio

On the effect the rain had on the scrimmage
"We had a little bit of a tough time. You know, new centers new quarterbacks handling the ball. We did a pretty good job holding onto it tonight. I don't think there was much sloppiness as far as carrying it but there was a lot of dropped passes."

On the defense
"I think the defense played really well. They were in different situations – ahead, behind – whatever the situation was they seemed to make some played tonight. So that was good."

On the offense
"The offense has to be a little more precise and has to move the ball a little better."

On the play of Burgess and Lucas
"They got an opportunity to make some plays and they made the most of their situation. That's good, that's what you are looking for. Both of them in essence are freshman. Burgess is a JC transfer. They are learning, they are obviously learning and they've progressed so that they can make some plays."

On Donald Bowens being out for the season
"Bowens is out – he's done. He's got a fractured spine... well not a fractured spine I said that wrong. He has a hairline fracture. So he's out for the year."

On when the injury occurred
"We don't know. He never really got going. He went out and tried it one or two or three days and then couldn't practice anymore. He had a series of tests done that came back yesterday."

On if the injury is career-threatening
"I don't know that. They are going to recheck him in three months or something. It's gotta heal. Once it heals I would think.... I would hope. I dunno."

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