O'Brien: Wide receivers need to 'step up'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien spoke to the media on Saturday morning, addressing the quarterback battle and the situation at wide receiver without Donald Bowens.

Tom O'Brien Audio

On the quarterback situation:
"We still have another scrimmage to go so we're still working towards that end. Hopefully it will clear itself out by Wednesday."

On if the process has been frustrating:
"Whenever you do this you always hope that somebody would stand out and grab the situation and run away from the other person but that really hasn't happened right now. It's not the most ideal thing, its always better if you have someone that takes control of the position."

On Glennon's transition from high school to college:
"I think it speaks to what type of person he is to be able to focus – when its academic time he's been able to handle his academics and when its football time he's come over and handled his football duties."

On the offensive line:
"They are still a work in progress. There hasn't been anything decided up front. We are trying to get as many guys ready to play as we can so that we can get into some type of rotation up front and not have to play – last year a couple of guys played every snap for twelves games and by the end of the year they wore down."

On the defense:
"We are better on defense. We are better because we are better organized as a coaching staff – we've had the same system in place now for two years and ever since we made the change after the sixth game last year we've been in a situation that the kids are now playing faster because they know what they supposed to do."

On the differences with Daniel Evans from last year:
"He has a much better knowledge of the offense than the other two young kids because he's been in it. His execution, his drops and his delivering the ball on time. What's he's been doing looks like a guy who's played the game of football in our system. Where the other two kids are young and very talented, but they are looking right when they should be looking left."

On the defensive line:
"Well they have been healthy and they have been out there. We don't want to get into a situation where we are playing a German and a walk-on in the second or third game of the year. We are almost there at safety – except we don't have a German.

"We certainly want to be in a rotation on defense where we can play four tackles in game."

On the wide receivers:
"We are always concerned. When you look you look you only have a couple of guys who have been in a football game out there. So they are about as green as the quarterback position, with the exception of Daniel Evans, and those guys being in a game. It's a situation that's a work in progress and some of those kids have to step up and make some plays."

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