Bonus Photos: Meet The Pack Day

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Here are exclusive shots from NC State's 2008 Meet The Pack Day.

Zach Allen

Audi Augustin

Toney Baker

Thomas Barnes

John Bedics

Donald Bowens

Brandon Barnes

Andre Brown

George Bryan

LeRoy Burgess

Justin Byers

Mario Carter

Alan-Michael Cash

Jamaine Clemmons

Curtis Crouch

Akeem Cunningham

Daniel Evans

Koyal George

Mike Glennon

T.J. Graham

Jeremy Gray

Anthony Hill

Antoine Holmes

Nate Irving

Geron James

Markus Kuhn

Dwayne Maddox

R.J. Mattes

Shea McKeen

J.C. Neal

Mike Glennon and Russell Wilson

Jeff Rieskamp

J.R. Sweezy

Curtis Underwood

Jake Vermiglio

Andrew Wallace and Desmond Roberts

Jarvis Williams

Keith Willis Jr.

Russell Wilson

Willie Young

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