O'Brien:'We need what he brings to the table'

Tom O'Brien spoke to the media Friday afternoon about naming Russell Wilson the starting quarterback, saying that the redshirt freshman gives the Pack the best chance of winning next Thursday at South Carolina.

Tom O'Brien Audio

On the decision to start Wilson:
"The decision always came down to who we thought would give us the best opportunity to win a football game. Right now, our offense and the way we are structured it will be Russell Wilson. That was the deciding factor."

On what he did to win the job:
"Obviously he did things well enough enough that we think he's the guy we have to have under center to win the football game right now."

On if the offense has been changed to accommodate Wilson:
"It's just a situation where we need what he brings to the table right now. Every year is different, and every year you try to progress in your program and do things. Last year halfway through the year we figured out what was best for the football team last year. Hopefully we've done our work through spring practice and through preseason the best way we want to play now."

On how the quarterbacks took the decision:
"Daniel was disappointed which is what you would expect. Anybody would be disappointed. But as I told him – he's gonna play. Somewhere in the first half he's gonna have to go in and play – he's done too much for this program and he's a good enough player. Somewhere Russell is going to get a little tired in that first quarter or first half – just the emotion of the night and trying to get it done your first time out. He's gonna need some time to sit and rest a little."

On other positions for the South Carolina game:
"Everybody we take to Columbia is gonna play. Doesn't matter if its quarterback, fullback, defensive back – everybody is gonna have to play. You have so many young kids there that are all going to be hyperventilating somewhere. So we'll have to give them time to blow in the bag and get back to normal." On how he'll react to a nationally televised debut:
"The baseball factor helps him a little bit and the sports factor he's been in. It's gonna be unlike anything he's every experienced – but as I've said before you might as well go on and get it over, get it out of the way and go on from there. You never know how somebody is going to react maybe its going to make him ten times better. We are gonna find out."

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