Ferguson: 'We Want to Win Games'

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State junior guard Trevor Ferguson met with the media today to discuss the upcoming team trip to Toronto, Canada.

Trevor Ferguson

Is this different for you now where you feel you really have a chance to show what you can do?
I think so. The past couple of years, I really wasn't sure what my minutes were going to look like. I feel this year, hopefully I'll get the minutes.

I've been excited. I've been working hard all summer, just hoping to help this team win.

What was the team's reaction when you heard about this trip?
We were very excited... just to be able to start early and get the freshmen used to our system. We're really working on trying to run a more uptempo style. We're trying to push the ball a lot more this year.

Has it been tough for coach Lowe to let go and let you guys push the ball more?
Coach Lowe definitely wants to push the ball. When he first came in, maybe he didn't have the personnel to push the ball exactly. I think we have some players, moving Courtney [Fells] to three, we just have the ability... our point guards, when Farold gets back, he's doing great with his rehab and he'll be back soon.

With the way Ben and Brandon can run the floor, they should be able to get out and get the ball in the post early. That will make the defense collapse and open up everything on the perimeter.

How does this team improve defensively from last year?
That's the thing we've worked on the most in these practices... our defensive principles. That's something we lacked last year. We would miss some assignments we were suppose to do last year.

From early on, he's really been stressing defensive principles, and it's something that is obviously going to help lead to an uptempo style.

Coach Lowe isn't fond of losing. Do you see a difference in him? Do you see him being more agressive?
Absolutely. He's definitely come into this year with a positive attitude which has gone down to his staff and our players. Very excited to get out there and just play ball again.

Defensively you'll probably see some more traps, halfcourt, fullcourt schemes. I think the freshmen are doing so well that they'll be able to contribute and we'll be able to play more of an uptempo style.

Would you say Julius Mays is more suited for the point guard or shooting guard spot?
I think he can play either position. As of now, since we're short on point guards, he's been playing point guard in practices. He's been doing a great job. I think he's capable of playing the two as well.

What does he do well?
He's a very smart player. He doesn't turn it over much for a freshman, which is very good. In order to play for coach Lowe you can't turn the ball over. He can shoot it, and he's really good at getting inside. He's really nifty.

He's able to pass inside and create shots for himself.

What are your impressions of C.J. Williams?
C.J. is a hard worker. He's a very smart player too. Both of them are very smart basketball players.

C.J. moves really well without the ball, and he's a very good defensive player. Everything else is going to fall into place.

Is their a chip on this team's shoulder after last season?
We want to win games. Last year we wanted to win and this year we want to win. We just want to win games and I think we're all excited to get out there and start playing early... get some wins under the belt early.

What have you worked on this summer?
Getting stronger. Last year I was a little weak... being able to chase people defensively on screens. Trying to get in better shape and continue to be able to shoot the ball.

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