Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

Daniel Evans, Andre Brown and Ted Larsen spoke to the media following the Pack's loss to South Carolina on Thursday night.

Daniel Evans Audio

"Just to see a guy out there like that is hard, but the hangover from that isn't why we lost."

"Other than losing a great player, I don't think there was an emotional hangover that cost us to lose."

"We have to rebound definitely."

"We ran the ball really well... it seemed like we didn't have many penalties either."

Andre Brown Audio

"Turnovers... we turned the ball over, we kept getting three-and-outs, we'd get something going and give the ball right back to them."

"The defense played a good game, we've just got to go to the drawing board and look at ourselves."

"We want to take this and learn from it. T.J. is a young guy and he's going to learn from it."

"As a senior, I've got to make them go out there and do that."

"They were fast, they flew to the ball a little bit."

"We felt good running the ball."

Ted Larsen Audio

"I can't say we ever got into sync after that... that was a long delay, I don't know if the team came back from that."

"Both times, I guess I was worried too much about the block... it happened. It's something I have to work on this week."

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