PC: Brown, Irving Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State players Nate Irving and Andre Brown met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against William & Mary.

Nate Irving

"We went back to the drawing board to look at the film and see what went wrong. It was kind of hard to swallow that loss, but any good team swallows it and gets ready for next week."

"I think the defense did a great job doing what we were told to do and making plays."

"I don't think we were tired, I think South Carolina making big plays kind of took a mental toll on us."

"I don't think that we can gain confidence from just the first three quarters. Football is played a four-quarter game. Until we can put together four quarters, we still have a long way to go."

"I think Alan-Michael Cash, Willie Young, and the rest of the guys on the defensive line did a good job of putting pressure on the quarterback."

"I was just being in the place I was supposed to be and doing what the coaches asked."

"We're going to watch film today and see what they are running and go over the gameplan for them."

"I think it is... just to show that we are better than the loss we took Thursday. They say the biggest difference in the way you play comes between game one and game two."

"I think it does but you have to credit the defensive line too. The quarterback was under a lot of pressure and without that pressure he wouldn't have thrown those picks. You have to credit the whle defense."

"I don't play for the league. I play for NC State. That's all I can worry about right now."

Andre Brown

"It was a long bus ride home."

"It hurt. We were ready to get in here, get back practicing and ready for William & Mary."

"We're going to try and do better against them."

"As far as running the ball it was very productive."

"You see the glimpses where it will work and where we can do it. It's just as far as us taking it to the next level and making plays with it."

"It wasn't that hard to learn and adjust to it. It was fairly easy to pick up. It was just different. Instead of running out of the I we were running out of the gun."

"It was designed around Russell so... we're going to miss him this week, but I'm pretty sure Daniel is going to go out there and run it just as strong as Russell can."

"It felt good to go out there and run the ball... everything was feeling good, I just hoped it would be in a winning effort instead of a losing effort."

"I'm confident in those guys up front. They did what they had to do and we were very productive. I have a lot of confidence in those guys."

"With Russell, he has the option to pull it back and run. Daniel was just more of giving it to me. I guess with Russell in the game it's more of an option... he's a threat with the running. Daniel is not that mobile, but he's a good enough athlete to run it. It's going to hurt with Russell out, but I'm pretty sure Daniel is capable of getting the job done too."

"Yes, that's very important right now. We've got to step up and talk to these guys and make sure they know we've got their back. We're going to go out and lead this team to a good season... a winning season."

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