O'Brien: Evans Will Start, Hill is Out

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien discusses the upcoming game against William & Mary with the media.

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    Tom O'Brien

    "Russell is back and he's back in the regular daily routine. He'll be going to class and everything. We'll see how he progresses here in the next week or so."

    "[He was] released the next morning. He just spent Thursday night there."

    "We'll do whatever the doctor says that he is able to do. We'll take it day-by-day."

    "Last year was last year and it's a different football team this year. I think we've got to go back and look at the positives. There were a lot of things to build on in that game. We came out and we had a little deer in the headlights look, especially for some of those kids on offense."

    "There's 22 kids out there that this was their first college game. Your battery, your center and quarterback, this was their first starts."

    "Things were progressing the way you think it would have been to be positive for us at that point. Obviously the two turnovers took us out the football game. When they got up, they've got 13 starters back and supposedly five or six of them are first-round draft choices. We started throwing the ball around and not being able to mix it up, and we got swamped. The morale of that story is let's not get in that situation. Let's be able to run when we want to run and throw when we want to throw."

    "Yes. We don't have any idea what Russell's situation is. We're going to prepare to play Evans and back him up with Beck."

    "I think the defense was fine. I think at the end of the third quarter they had given up 160 yards of total offense. That's a pretty good night. I think what happened is they ended up with 10 more minutes of possession time than we did. That's where you end up tiring out, as we did on defense... guys cramping up, those situations."

    "[Anthony Hill] is hurt. He's not playing. [I can't say anything else] until I find out when he is ready to play again. [He won't play this week. He's out with a] chest injury."

    "I think [T.J. Graham] played like a high school guy going into an 80,000-seat stadium. The first play of the game, he lines up in the wrong spot. It's something that you try to avoid. You work like heck but sometimes kids are going to make those kind of mistakes. The one thing is, as the game went on, he competes. He's not afraid. I think he has big-league talent to play against a defense like that, and if he continues to progress we're really going to have a very good wide receiver there. He's a guy that once he got over the initial shock, he felt right at home playing in that atmosphere against that football team... I think he has the right temperament. He's got talent. If he continues to work, which he shows every indication he will, he'll be an excellent receiver... he can run."

    "We'll see how [Jamelle Eugene] does this week. If he can get out there and practice, maybe he'll get some playing time this week."

    "[DeAndre Morgan] was out with cramps."

    "We started investigating [the read option] after last season. Looking at different things in college football, what might suit people, when you look at what Russell's talents are, it's an offense that suits him. If we were going to go in that direction than we'd definitely have to run some of that type offense."

    "The line is still running similar zone blocking schemes that they have been running anyways. That's why it suits us and suits Russell's talents."

    "I don't know [if we'll run the same offense this week]. We'll have to figure it out. Wait for Saturday night."

    "I think if you talk about the wide receivers, the quarterback, and the line, anybody involved in the passing game was not very good. When we got into a situation where we had to pass the ball, we didn't protect very well, we didn't throw very well, and we didn't get open very well. That's a major concern to us right now and we have to work those things out."

    "McKeen played very well. He's got a lot of pass rushing ability. I think he performed better than Markus Kuhn did. We're a performance-based organization here so he moved up."

    "[Ted Larsen] made two bad snaps, which obviously you don't want to have, but if you look at his performance overall, he has really good skills at the center position. He can do some of the things that some of the best centers I've had around can do. Now we've just got to be able to get him to snap and be able to do it because snapping out of the shotgun and making some of the blocks he made against quality guys, that's a real positive for us."

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