Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several Wolfpack players spoke with the media after Saturday's win over William & Mary.

Nate Irving

"I think the defense did a great job. We were put in a little tough situations but I think we answered the call well."

"That was a lights out hit... it seemed like it happened in slow motion."

"Alan-Michael Cash tipped the ball, and all I could think was get the ball because that is an opportunity for our offense to get some points with a short field."

"We focused a lot in the offseason on getting turnovers and I think it's showing with how we play."

"Everything is fine. I feel like I can run a marathon right now."

"If it's going to happen it's going to happen... this is a collision sport. Injuries are going to happen."

Harrison Beck

"I just kind of do what I'm told to do. Tonight I went into the game and the job was to give the correct signals. The game took a different turn and when it did I was just ready for the opportunity."

"I'm a competitor... I've got a lot of commitment and a lot of stff invested here at NC State. I felt the opportunity to stay here would be much better for me than if I just picked up and leave again.

"When you keep picking up and leaving, you never build a foundation. I just wanted to stay here... I've got a nice foundation going and I want to keep progressing everyday."

DeAndre Morgan

"We've just got to continue improving each and every week."

"It was very important to win the turnover battle because coach Archer always stresses that to us."

"We're just working together as a unit."

"I just broke on the ball as soon as I could and I felt like my brother for a second."

George Bryan

"We're just trying to stay focused on the game... somebody has to step up they step up."

"I believe it was just him going through his reads... he happened to throw me the ball a couple of times."

"Hopefully we have this feeling of a win after every game."

T.J. Graham

"I had pretty good focus."

"I don't know what the difference is. They are both the same to me... I just play ball. Maybe I warmed up, maybe we warmed up... maybe it wasn't them."

"If I can just keep doing well and being successful, good things will happen. During the game I just keep my momentum."

Jarvis Williams

"We took advantage of the play."

"He picks who is open and whatever the defense gives us you've got to take."

"I had to abandon my route because he was scrambling."

"Harrison brings more down-the-field, opportunities to make big plays. Just know that you better run when Beck is on the field."

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