Wilson: 'I'm excited to come back'

Russell Wilson spoke to the media on Wednesday for the first time since being injured at South Carolina, discussing his condition and the Pack's game at Clemson this week.

Russell Wilson Audio

On coming back this week
"I'm definitely excited to come back. The doctors did a real good job with me, coach O'Brien and everything like that, I think we are ready to go."

On the injury
"It was just a freak hit, I just went down. God blessed me to get back quickly, and the doctors did a great job with it."

On taking his first hit this week
"I'm not really worried about it – I'm ready to go and I think our team is ready to go. It's gonna be a good game, Clemson is a great team."

On giving a thumbs up to the crowd after the play
"I just wanted to give NC State fans something to be excited about. I didn't want everybody to be down, and I wanted everybody to know I was going to be okay."

On whether getting the starting job back immediately was a confidence boost
"No, not necessarily. I always want to play but whatever his decision is everybody is going to follow, especially me."

On negating Clemson's speed on defense with physicality
"That's coach O'Brien's philosophy, always be as physical as possible. No cheap shots or anything like that but always try to be physical and just play smart. Hopefully we'll play smart and play physical on Saturday."

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