Underwood Looks to Run Hard

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore tailback Curtis Underwood met with the media following Tuesday's practice and here is a sample of what he had to say.

Curtis Underwood

"I just don't want to be brought down by one guy. When I'm brought down by three or four people I know I've done my job... I just don't want to be brought down."

"It's not much different. We have our key reads and we read off that... it's maybe a little easier, but with my running style it would probably be better in the I, but I like the gun-type stuff because you get to read and everyone reacts to you."

"The I you can get downfield more, with the read you read things out and make your decision."

"That's another way to get the ball in our hands. We make our reads, come out the backfield, and hopefully the quarterback will throw the checkdown."

"This is a real big chance for us as a team to come and show that we can play."

"That's up to coach O'Brien. I'm not touching on the injury deal."

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