'More than our fair share' of injuries

Coach Tom O'Brien spoke after Thursday's practice about the injuries woes that have plagued the Pack, the rivalry with East Carolina and the punting game.

Tom O'Brien

On the rivalry with ECU
"You can sense it from the team. I don't get out and walk around town or down Hillsborough Street so I don't know what's going on down there but I assume its a pretty important game. Every time you run into somebody or somebody talks to you on the phone, especially alumni, about how important this game is so certainly it is."

On freshman tight end George Byran
"He did a really nice job. We're not in the position we want to be in but he's certainly stepped up and did a heck of a job to go to Clemson and play against three pretty good defensive ends down there. He's gonna be a real good player and the more he plays the better he's gonna be."

On the punting last week at Clemson
"We were just trying to sky it, get it high so they didn't return. Trying to make them fair catch it. I think, I hope that's what it was. We were trying to get it up there and get it about 38-42 yards where we could cover fair catch it and there would be no return."

On Robbie Leonard's story
"Throughout my career there has always been kids that end up walking on at schools and have done a great job. It's about finding the right spot for him where he could excel and he's really done a great job for us. For any walk-ons that want to come to the program they have an opportunity to earn a scholarship if you're going to play and play the way he does."

On the injuries that have plagued the team
"No I don't think there's a hex, kid's get hurt its just that we've had more than our fair share."

On the number of healthy scholarship players
"Yeah I know but I'm not going to tell you. It might frighten you."

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