Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien addressed the media following the Wolfpack's win over East Carolina.

Tom O'Brien Audio

"Certainly a great effort by our football team. East Carolina is deserving of all the accolades they have... they will have a great year."

"As I told them, for the first time I've been here, we finally play 60 minutes of hard-nosed football."

"We're really happy with this one and it doesn't get any easier with South Florida coming in next Saturday night."

"I think one thing I've learned about him is he plays a lot better sometimes than he looks in practice. There are things we have to learn about him, but today he certainly made plays, extended plays with his feet, made some nice throws."

"It's important to him, he works hard, I think he's got the confidence of the offense."

"We're nowhere near close to where we have to be... but we are a team working hard to be a good football team."

"My outlook on the season is week-to-week. Tomorrow I'm going to come in and look at South Florida, see who I got, see who is healthy, we're going to put a gameplan together and everything is going to go into beating them this week."

"We're certainly going to enjoy this one tonight."

"It looked like we were a little tired and confused, that's why I took the timeout down there."

"Giving up no touchdowns in those situations, you've got to give the defense credit. Then they get the turnover in overtime to give the offense a chance to win the game. They did a great job."

"We're playing hard. We're learning how to play hard. If we continue to do that, we're going to have some chances to win football games. That's the only way we can win them right now with all the injuries and lack of personnel we have right now."

"We think that he is dangerous, certainly dangerous when he gets the ball in his hands."

"Russell put it up in the air and Jarvis went up and got it."

"We needed McKeen and LeRoy Burgess today. Both of them ended up starting for us as kids we brought in as JC kids. We'd be worse off without them with all the injuries and everything."

"We're only playing with four seniors on defense and three seniors on offense."

"You look at the plays George Bryan made down the stretch for us. Some of them, the more you play the better you get."

"He certainly has stepped up to the plate. We really think highly of him... in the passing game he is very dangerous. He has great hands, he can catch the ball, and he can get open. He knows how to use his body to get open."

"We were going to do that, especially backed up, because that is Russell's toughest situation, third-and-long. It backfired on us. We were concerned about turning the ball over. That's how smart I am right? I think as the game went on, Russell acclimated much better and got going."

"I thought they were going to overturn it. I thought the ACC crew has got to take care of the Conference USA officiating (laughing). I'll probably get fined for that."

"It certainly is a big deal for this football team and our school that we win this game."

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