Beck: 'I'm gonna throw it'

Harrison Beck spoke with the media on Wednesday afternoon, discussing his first start of the season, his pocket presence and having a short memory as a quarterback.

Harrison Beck

On playing a school near his hometown
"It'll be familiar again, its only like 20 minutes from my house. I have some friends that don't play football that go to USF."

On starting
"It's definitely been an interesting past couple of weeks, to get a start against USF. You don't want a teammate [to get hurt], Russell had a great game and has been a great leader for us. I don't have any ill wishes against him but for me personally it does feel good to get to play this week."

On being recruited by USF
"When I came out of high school they recruited me a lot. But when I came out of high school in 2005 they weren't the USF that they are now. They certainly have gotten a lot bigger and a lot more competitive than maybe they were then."

On building off the ECU win
"We have a good football team. We are running the ball really well and our offensive line is playing great and our defense has been huge for us this year. They have kept it close and kept us in a lot of games this year. You just play within yourself and go out and have fun and I feel like we can, if we just play our best, we have an opportunity to be in it."

On getting rid of the ball in the pocket
"When you are in the pocket, even though you can't see someone you can feel them, you can hear them. It's different each play. When you get good pass protection obviously it's a little longer. If they are bringing the house or bringing people and they heat it up a little bit then its faster. So you can't really say 'Oh my clock is this fast' for each play. You just want to get the ball out of your hands – if you see a guy open just throw it to him. Give him the ball and let him take the hit."

On O'Brien's comment early in the week about Beck 'making sure he knows we are wearing the red jerseys'
"I don't care. It's not a big deal, I'm gonna throw it where I'm gonna throw it. I don't really think about that kind of stuff. If he catches it, he catches it. If it gets picked off then when the next play comes up I'm going to throw the ball again. I don't really think about that stuff nor have I ever."

On not dwelling on the last play
"You can't do that because if you do that the next thing you know you start getting jittery and hold the ball tighter. Instead of throwing a pick, you're going to throw an out route and throw it straight into the ground. I play quarterback, its a position, you're going to get picked off. You're going to fumble the football. Just go to the next play."

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