O'Brien: Wilson to start Saturday

Tom O'Brien announced Thursday after practice that Russell Wilson will start against Boston College. The redshirt freshman missed last week's game because of an undisclosed injury.

Tom O'Brien

On Russell Wilson's status this week
"He's practiced, he's practiced well so he will start on Saturday."

On if he will be back to where he was before the injury
"I dunno, we'll find out. It's bad that he plays a game or two then sits out. It looks like he's at full strength, he's practiced well so we'll find out Saturday how he is."

On the offense with Russell
"He adds a little something to it with his legs. That may be the case and certainly with their pass rush he's gonna have to take care of himself on Saturday."

On Wilson's recovery
"Initially I was told it was going to be a lot longer, as I said he willed himself to get healthy. He willed himself to get better so that he could play. Everybody comes back from injuries differently, some faster than others, and a lot of it has to do with his mental outlook. He's so positive and everything, and wants to be a part of this that I just sincerely believe he willed himself to get back on the football field."

On Boston College
"Defensively they are the same. They are still powerful up front, they really have great linebackers. Offensively they've change to the spread offense, which is the soup du jour of college football today. They are more of that but who knows what we will see on Saturday."

On if his team is getting healthier
"Not really. You'll find out when the injury report comes out but it is what it is."

On his first impressions of TJ Graham
"How skilled he really was at catching the football. We all had an idea that he could run and he was extremely fast but his ability to catch the ball and run with it after the catch, that makes him a complete guy."

On if he wants his team to reflect the coach's personality
"I don't know about that. I don't know that you want them to reflect my personality."

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