Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after Saturday's loss to Boston College.

Russell Wilson

"We kept fighting, as you can see on the scoreboard. It was a wild game. We didn't come out on top. BC did a great job."

"It hurts to lose, especially a game like that, but I'm good to go."

"We knew going into the game that they had a real good defensive line. They brought some blitzes here and there. We've just got to keep making plays... we've got to keep playing."

"I never doubted our team... we had chances and everything... it's tough. I never had a doubt in our mind that we were going to win that game. That's our mindset going into every game."

"I feel like I take full responsibility for our team losing."

T.J. Graham

"I didn't know how fast the other guy was going."

"That really takes you out of the game a lot."

"If I was them I wouldn't kick it back to my side."

"The whole game, I ran into the same hole. The same hole was opened that time and I just made a little maneuver and then gone to the house."

Owen Spencer

"That's a playcall we've been working on all practice."

"It was a hard fight."

Clem Johnson

"I'm trying to catch back up learning the plays... getting back in shape."

"I lost about 12 pounds."

"They were completing passes and we couldn't stop it."

Dwayne Maddox

"We just dropped back, covered our responsibilities, our man, our zone."

"Last week it was a different experience for me. This week I felt a little more relaxed."

"It's a big week every week... just coming to practice trying to get better."

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