Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the Wolfpack's loss to Boston College.

Tom O'Brien Audio

Certainly a tough loss for this football team. We hung in there, fought back, and got in there at the end. Couldn't stop them there at the end. Give them credit."

"[Chris Crane] was on fire in the first half. He was making every throw. We got his best shot and he gave it to us today."

"He hadn't thrown like that this year on tape, but we certainly knew he could throw like that."

"The fake punt was a big play in the game... we got them down, ready to get them off the field, and they fake the punt and end up scoring.. puts us in a deeper hole. That was a big play in the game."

"Those two guys in the middle are good rushers. They are going to be drafted. They've got some kids that can rush and they came after us."

"I think that would be part of it. There were times though we were right there and he makes a throw that's perfect."

"We couldn't get off the field on our own. They had 81 plays to our 55. The defense has to get off the field better."

"I think because of the situation we had to give up on the run again and play with Russell throwing the ball. He made some plays, George Bryan made a great play, Owen Spencer made plays. All those young kids are starting to grow up a little bit. Hopefully they can grow up a lot faster because we need to grow up faster."

"The one thing that has been constant is we played hard and stayed after it."

"We're going to take some time off because we're tired, beat up. The legs are sore and everything else. We had a tough six-week stretch here... we're not going to go on to the practice field until Wednesday."

"It's hard to evaluate because we had so many different pieces and parts in and out that we can't really tell who we are. Each week we're a different football team trying to put a gameplan together."

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