Ferguson Looking for Offer From the Pack

Pack Pride talks with Southport (NC) South Brunswick defensive end AJ Ferguson about his recent visit to NC State and his interest in NC State.

The NC State coaching staff continues to scour North Carolina for talent and the latest player to surface is defensive end A.J. Ferguson from South Brunswick High School in Southport, NC. He has been a frequent visitor at the Pack’s home games this year and it appears State is watching his senior season closely.

One of the main reasons behind South Brunswick’s solid 5-0 start this year has been the play of Ferguson. He has developed into a tremendous pass rusher and at 6-3, 250 pounds with 4.8-seconds in the 40-yard dash, is a load for opposing offensive linemen.

During the first month of the season Ferguson has notched an impressive 13 sacks, 15 tackles for loss and approximately 40 tackles. Several schools have taken notice including NC State, East Carolina, Duke, Virginia Tech and UNC. However, it’s the Wolfpack that has really caught his eye.

“I love NC State,” said Ferguson. “They’ve got a good school, a good program. I love the head coach and really, all the coaches.

“I just finished from coming up there for their homecoming game. I loved it- the campus, everything they’re doing. They’re not winning a lot of games right now but they’re progressing and I just like them a lot.”

NC State recruiting coordinator and special team’s coach Jerry Petercuskie is recruiting Ferguson and appears to be genuinely interested in the senior defensive end’s potential. Ferguson delivered some senior film and a transcript this past weekend in the hopes of improving his stock with State’s coaching staff.

“Coach Petercuskie is recruiting me,” he said. “He’s been telling me that he really likes me and has been hearing a lot about me. I gave him my tape on Saturday and he said he was real eager to watch it. He really likes me.”

As Ferguson continues to work for scholarship offers, he’s leaving the door open for any team that shows interest. However, he admits that the Pack has jumped to the top of his wish-list.

“Right now I’m looking at everyone that’s looking at me but I’m leaning to State and I like them a lot and I would say they’re my top school.”

So if a Wolfpack offer came, would Ferguson jump on it?

“I would probably just wait it out but I would have to think about it real hard. I would lean real hard towards it but I would have to think about it for a while.”

Ferguson plans to put recruiting on the back burner somewhat over the next few weeks as he shifts his focus to academics and preparing for an upcoming SAT date in November.

“I don’t really have any plans to visit any other schools right now. I’ve got the SAT coming up on Nov 1 so I’ve just been studying for that so I make sure I get a score on it. This will be my second time taking it.”

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