Depth Chart: NC State vs. Florida State

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State has released the latest depth chart as the Wolfpack prepares for Saturday's game against Florida State.

Depth Chart Notables
  • Redshirt freshman Russell Wilson is back as the starter at quarterback. Junior Harrison Beck is the reserve.

  • Senior Anthony Hill is back on the depth chart at tight end. Hill is backing up redshirt freshman George Bryan.

  • Junior Clem Johnson is on the depth chart as a backup safety. Johnson is behind redshirt freshman Justin Byers on the depth chart.

  • Walk on junior Bobby Floyd is no longer backing up Byers but he is now the reserve at the other safety spot. Floyd, who is now behind senior J.C. Neal, is now in front of redshirt freshman Jimmaul Simmons.

    Simmons did not play in the game against Boston College and he was not on the dress list.

  • NOTE: * - Indicates redshirted one season

    2008 NC State Depth Chart
    16Russell Wilson5-11/191Fr.*
    12Harrison Beck6-2/220Jr.*
    24 Andre Brown 6-0/228Sr.
    29 Jamelle Eugene 5-10/195Jr.*
    47 Taylor Gentry 6-2/215Fr.
    27 Harrison Ritcher 5-11/215So.*
    Wide Receiver
    13Owen Spencer6-3/180So.
    6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180Fr.
    Wide Receiver
    5 Jarvis Williams 6-4/205 So.*
    15 Darrell Davis 6-4/212So.*
    Tight End
    84 George Bryan 6-5/265Fr.*
    83 Anthony Hill 6-6/265Sr.*
    Left Tackle
    70 Jake Vermiglio6-5/315So.
    61 Matt White6-6/325Sr.*
    Left Guard
    75 John Bedics 6-4/295Sr.*
    54 Henry Lawson 6-3/289Fr.*
    58 Teddy Larsen 6-2/295Jr.*
    74 Andy Barbee6-3/310Jr.*
    Right Guard
    60 Meares Green6-4/306Sr.*
    55 Desmond Roberts6-4/295Fr.*
    Right Tackle
    50 Jeraill McCuller6-7/330Jr.*
    71 Gary Gregory6-4/305So.*

    Special Teams
    Place Kicker
    36Josh Czajkowski5-9/184So.*
    26Bradley Pierson5-9/163Sr.*
    38Jeff Ruiz6-2/185Jr.
    Long Snapper
    59Corey Tedder6-1/212Jr.
    57Michael Maurer5-11/225Jr.
    26Bradley Pierson5-9/163Sr.*
    59Corey Tedder6-1/212Jr.
    Kick Returner
    6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180Fr.
    24 Andre Brown 6-0/228Sr.
    Punt Returner
    6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180 Fr.
    29 Jamelle Eugene 5-10/195Jr.*
    Left Defensive End
    98 Shea McKeen 6-5/250Jr.
    91 Markus Kuhn 6-5/280So.
    Left Defensive Tackle
    96 Antoine Holmes 6-2/281Sr.
    67 Wayne Crawford 6-3/290Fr.*
    Right Defensive Tackle
    95 LeRoy Burgess 6-1/300Jr.
    94 Keith Willis Jr. 6-1/284Sr.*
    Right Defensive End
    97 Willie Young 6-4/243Jr.*
    99 Jeff Rieskamp 6-3/235Fr.*
    Weakside Linebacker
    41 Dwayne Maddox 6-2/225Fr.
    42 Audie Cole 6-5/215Fr.
    Middle Linebacker
    44 Ray Michel 6-0/224Jr.*
    7 Sterling Lucas 6-2/220Fr.
    Strongside Linebacker
    34Robbie Leonard 6-0/205Sr.*
    16 Ryan Goodman 6-2/205Sr.*
    30 Jeremy Gray 6-2/188Gr.*
    20 Dominique Ellis 5-11/190Fr.
    14 J.C. Neal 5-11/195Sr.
    31 Bobby Floyd 5-9/211 Jr.
    28 Justin Byers 6-0/185Fr.*
    19 Clem Johnson 6-0/190 Jr.
    21 DeAndre Morgan 5-10/170So.*
    33Koyal George 5-11/175Jr.*

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