O'Brien Talks Rutgers

BIRMINGHAM, AL -- At today's press conference, NC State head coach Tom O'Brien discussed the upcoming game against Rutgers with the media.

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    Tom O'Brien

    "The team has had a fun week, a few days here. It's been a nice experience for them."

    "I've had good players. I think that's the bottomline. The coaches have done a good job of preparing them, and I think we've found the right mix and the right way to approach the game."

    "When it's come time to play football we've played pretty good."

    "I know where Greg started from and the job he's done is just tremendous. A lot of those kids, there's a handful or so we tried to recruit at BC. Mike Teel is one of them."

    "They have good players."

    "I'm not sure how their turnaround came about."

    "He's powerful, he's fast. They use him in a variety of different ways, and they work hard to get him the football... he looks like Kelly at Clemson, Carr at Florida State. That type of guy we've seen in the past that we've had trouble with."

    "It's a big challenge for our defense, but we look forward to seeing if we can slow them down a little."

    "He has been remarkable through those six games... you've got to expect he's going to play the best football game of his career."

    "He was in our camp, we knew a lot about him. He played for Greg Toal, we've had a lot of those kids in camp, been around our campus a lot up at Boston College."

    "He's going to be able to play this one."

    "Certainly the big-play capability of Rutgers. If we give up a lot of big plays we're going to be in trouble."

    "He's good enough to play. It's good for us that he's back, and he looks sharp in practice."

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