Neal: "I think everybody is coming back"

J.C. Neal spoke after practice on Sunday evening and expressed optimism about the health of the defense and their ability to stop Florida State on Thursday night.

J.C. Neal

On the health of the defense
"From what I heard I think everybody is coming back. So I think the time off gave us a little time to get the bruises out, all the little hurts and bumps everybody got."

On improving against four and five wide offensive sets "We just tried to get back to fundamentals because basically that's what it came down to. I think the coaches are getting us ready for that because everybody has seen the film, they are going to be trying to do the same thing. We are going to try and get more accoladed to that kind of stuff."

On if the defense expects those looks from Florida State
"Oh yeah, they are going to come out in the spread. They are going to do their thing but they are also going to try and spread out and throw the ball on us."

On what else he expects from the FSU offense
"Their quarterback is their second leading rusher I'm pretty sure, so he's going to run the ball a lot. They are going to try to get the ball to #5 and #18, I guess that's [Preston] Parker and the tall guy.. [Greg] Carr."

On the defense right now
"We are trying to be good in the ACC, good in the nation [defensively]. And as of right now, we are not doing a good job. As a unit we are striving to get better. We are kind of glad they are going to throw the ball because that just gives us opportunities for us to make plays."

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