Depth Chart: NC State vs. Duke

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State has released the latest depth chart as the Wolfpack prepares for Saturday's game against Duke.

Depth Chart Notables

  • Redshirt sophomore Desmond Roberts is listed as the reserve at left tackle. He had been listed as the reserve right guard.

  • Senior Curtis Crouch is back after an injury and is backing up Meares Green at right guard.

  • Redshirt senior Matt White replaces Henry Lawson as the backup left guard.

  • Redshirt junior Willie Young has won back his position as the starting defensive end. Young replaces redshirt freshman Jeff Rieskamp who had started the previous two games.

  • Redshirt freshman Audie Cole will make his first start at weakside linebacker. Cole replaces true freshman Dwayne Maddox on the depth chart.

  • Redshirt sophomore DeAndre Morgan and redshirt junior Koyal George are listed as co-starters at cornerback.

  • Junior Clem Johnson will make his first start at safety, as he replaces redshirt freshman Justin Byers.

  • NOTE: * - Indicates redshirted one season

    2008 NC State Depth Chart
    16Russell Wilson5-11/191Fr.*
    12Harrison Beck6-2/220Jr.*
    24 Andre Brown 6-0/228Sr.
    29 Jamelle Eugene 5-10/195Jr.*
    47 Taylor Gentry 6-2/215Fr.
    27 Harrison Ritcher 5-11/215So.*
    Wide Receiver
    13Owen Spencer6-3/180So.
    6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180Fr.
    Wide Receiver
    5 Jarvis Williams 6-4/205 So.*
    15 Darrell Davis 6-4/212So.*
    Tight End
    83 Anthony Hill 6-6/265Sr.*
    84 George Bryan 6-5/265Fr.*
    Left Tackle
    70 Jake Vermiglio6-5/315So.
    55 Desmond Roberts6-4/295Fr.*
    Left Guard
    75 John Bedics 6-4/295Sr.*
    61 Matt White6-6/325Sr.*
    58 Ted Larsen 6-2/295Jr.*
    74 Andy Barbee6-3/310Jr.*
    Right Guard
    60 Meares Green6-4/306Sr.*
    76 Curtis Crouch 6-5/320Sr.
    Right Tackle
    50 Jeraill McCuller6-7/330Jr.*
    71 Gary Gregory6-4/305So.*

    Special Teams
    Place Kicker
    36Josh Czajkowski5-9/184So.*
    26Bradley Pierson5-9/163Sr.*
    38Jeff Ruiz6-2/185Jr.
    Long Snapper
    59Corey Tedder6-1/212Jr.
    57Michael Maurer5-11/225Jr.
    26Bradley Pierson5-9/163Sr.*
    59Corey Tedder6-1/212Jr.
    Kick Returner
    6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180Fr.
    24 Andre Brown 6-0/228Sr.
    Punt Returner
    6 T.J. Graham 6-0/180 Fr.
    29 Jamelle Eugene 5-10/195Jr.*
    Left Defensive End
    98 Shea McKeen 6-5/250Jr.
    91 Markus Kuhn 6-5/280So.
    Left Defensive Tackle
    94 Keith Willis Jr. 6-1/284Sr.*
    96 Antoine Holmes 6-2/281Sr.
    Right Defensive Tackle
    49 Alan-Michael Cash 6-1/286Jr.*
    95 LeRoy Burgess 6-1/300Jr.
    Right Defensive End
    97 Willie Young 6-4/243Jr.*
    99 Jeff Rieskamp 6-3/235Fr.*
    Weakside Linebacker
    42 Audie Cole 6-5/215Fr.
    41 Dwayne Maddox 6-2/225Fr.
    Middle Linebacker
    44 Ray Michel 6-0/224Jr.*
    7 Sterling Lucas 6-2/220Fr.
    Strongside Linebacker
    34Robbie Leonard 6-0/205Sr.*
    16 Ryan Goodman 6-2/205Sr.*
    30 Jeremy Gray 6-2/188Gr.*
    20 Dominique Ellis 5-11/190Fr.
    14 J.C. Neal 5-11/195Sr.
    31 Bobby Floyd 5-9/211 Jr.
    19 Clem Johnson 6-0/190 Jr.
    28 Justin Byers 6-0/185Fr.*
    21 DeAndre Morgan OR 5-10/170So.*
    33Koyal George 5-11/175Jr.*

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