Johnson: 'I'm Back to Normal'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Clem Johnson thought his season might be over when he broke his jaw during a fall practice scrimmage. But the junior college transfer proved to be a quick healer, coming back after five games to help bolster the Pack's secondary.

Clem Johnson Audio

On the injury during fall practice:
"I just had a thin leather chin strap on. I was kind of trying to over-emphasize keeping my head up and I hit JE's [Jamelle Eugene] helmet with my chin."

On whether he thought the injury was season-ending:
"I wasn't sure. I was hoping I wasn't. I planned on coming back, trying to get my weight back up once I got my wires off."

On how long he had to have his jaw wired shut:
"I had it on for five weeks. [I lost] 12 pounds."

On how quickly he was able to regain his weight:
"Pretty fast. I had about eight pounds back within a week or so. The food just pretty much stayed on as I ate because I was used to a liquid diet."

On when he could eat solid foods again: "I had to do it bit by bit. I kind of had to eat the softer foods so I was eating soup, mashed potatoes and stuff like that. After about another week I could eat steak."

On the transition to safety:
"I had a little bit of experience – I played safety throughout high school. I used to work on my techniques during practices at my junior college. Then towards the end of my second year at junior college I played defensive back which made the transition a little smoother."

On if he could have redshirted:
"They didn't bring it up to me. If they had mentioned it, I would have considered it. But I planned on coming back to play."

On how he feels now:
"My chin feels fine. It's not in the back of my mind when I'm out there playing – it feels 100 percent. It's like it never happened honestly. I'm back to normal."

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