Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after Saturday's loss to Maryland.

Russell Wilson

"The offensive line has done a great job this season. They are improving every game, getting better each game. They did an excellent job today."

"They brought the heat [on the last third down], I was trying to get away. I thought I threw it away but they called me on the sack so.."

"It's extremely frustrating, but at the same time you are right there so. I believe in our team completely. We have four more games left to get that bowl game."

"Mentally I was just playing like it was 95 degrees and sunny and I was ready to go."

Robbie Leonard

"It's really disappointing. Especially the defense, we took the field there with a couple of minutes left and its just like time after time we stop them then we give up the big play. Third down and second down were huge today, we gave up to many big plays. It's pretty frustrating."

"There were some missed tackles. They had some good backs, they were breaking tackles and finishing plays. Kudos to them."

"We need to learn how to finish in the fourth quarter. I guess we played a little better defense in the second half but defensively we have to get it done for a win. The offense finally stepped it up and out defense seemed to go backwards. We have to find out a way to stop them."

"We weren't doing what we were supposed to do, what we were coached to do. That's on us as players, it had nothing to do with the coaches. They weren't doing anything special that we weren't expecting them to do."

DeAndre Morgan

"It's very frustrating. You fight so hard, then you lose the game in the last couple of minutes. It's just heartbreaking. You work so hard and come up short."

"The weather was not a factor. We knew it was going to be messy out here in the rain. They had to tackle just like we had to tackle so we came up short a lot of time which we should have made. You have to be prepared for any type of weather."

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