Quotables: Red & White Game

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe, senior center Ben McCauley, and sophomore guard Javier Gonzalez met with the media following the 2008 Red & White Game.

On the overall game:

"I liked how the white team ran better than the red and how both groups were really executing the offense. We really want to get an opportunity to push the ball up the floor and get those easy baskets. I like that we were aggressive to get those offensive boards."

On Ben McCauley:
"He is working. That's what he did his sophomore year and that's what he is doing now. He's getting the opportunity again and he's making the best of it."

On playing two point guards simultaneously:
"It's something that we've looked at in practice having Farnold and Javi in at the same time, just trying to have two really good ball handlers in the game where we can really get up and down the floor rather than having to call so many sets. I think with two guys like that in the game with their ability to run pick-and-rolls and to run the offense certainly helps us."

On the fast-paced playing style:
"When it all comes down to it, we're still going to need to be able to execute in the half-court set, because good teams aren't going to allow you to continue to get fast breaks. We're going to have to be patient and set it up."

On freshman C.J. Williams:
"C.J. Williams is just a solid basketball player. He doesn't make mistakes. He's always in the right place at the right times and makes the right decisions. Having said that, he is a freshman so he is going to make some mistakes, but so far he has been able to keep his poise."

On Farnold Degand:
"Farnold is doing well. He's still trying to get his timing down and to get a feel for the game and his reads because he has been for such a long time. Right now, it's just important for him to take his time and get into this thing as opposed to trying to do too much."

Ben McCauley
On the speed of the game:

"Running up and down the floor is one of the things coach has really been harping on a lot lately – making sure we get out and push the ball so we can get some transition baskets."

On the injuries:
"There are some battle scars out there, but that shows you that everyone is just busting their butts and playing hard."

On the C.J. Williams and Julius Mays:
"The freshmen are playing well. It's different playing in practice versus playing in front of fans. They're getting better day in and day out. They're going to do good things for us this year."

On how his level of play has improved:
"I feel great. It's good to be back to where I was during my sophomore year. That's one great thing about this offense in that you need to be in pretty good shape to run up and down the floor. I really worked on that during the off season and it's paying off now."

On the offensive style:
"Coach really wants us to pound it inside, but also to work inside-out. We've got great shooters on this team and those guys are going to make shots."

On working with Brandon Costner:
"Brandon and I have been playing together for three or four years now, so we know where each other are on the floor, so to be able to go high low and do it effectively is very important."

Javier Gonzalez
On the speed of the game:

"We got kind of tired towards the end and started slowing down, but we did only have six people on each team."

On players getting injured on the court:
"We were just cramping up. We just got a couple of people with sprained ankles, but that's all."

On Ben McCauley:
"Ben knows how to play and to get precision up there. My job is to just get him the ball and he'll score for us."

On Tracy Smith:
"He's going to start a lot if he keeps scoring. I don't think that today was one of his nicer days and he still did good. If he had been playing like he had been during the last couple of days during practice we would have had a better chance of winning tonight."

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