Wilson: Duke is 'a rival school'

Quarterback Russell Wilson discussed his development at the position over the season following practice on Wednesday. Wilson and the Pack are preparing for Saturday's game at Duke.

Russell Wilson

On the passing game
"We are definitely working on it as an offense. The offensive line is giving us time and Owen has good speed, TJ, the rest of the wide receivers they get going and I try to hit them the best I can."

On the timing of long throws
"It's tough. That's what you practice for – you just have to practice a lot and just trust your receiver."

On his biggest improvement from the start of the season
"I'd say my composure. I'm learning how to be a lot more composed – learning how to play the game, learning what I'm looking for."

On the speed of the game
"The speed of the game has definitely slowed down a ton. Understanding what you are looking at, having a good game plan, understanding what you are trying to do against a defense and then getting that actually experience definitely helps."

On controlling the offensive flow of the team
"You have to realize what you are trying to go for, you don't want to go for everything too big all at once. You have to learn how to salvage plays and just have a good tempo to the game. Sometimes you want to go fast, sometimes you want to go slow – sometimes you want to be in that in-between phase."

On playing Duke
"It definitely is a rival school. It's in state so you have to treat it as a rival game and try to win all of our in state games and all the rest of our games obviously, but in state games are important."

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