Tank talks about NC State visit

After two weeks of dialing in vain, TSW was finally able to catch Tank Tyler to see how his official NCSU visit went.

After two weeks and major dollars on long distance calls, TSW was finally able to catch Tank Tyler to see how his official NCSU visit went.

Demarcus Tyler has two visits under his belt. He visited Ohio State the first weekend in November and the visit to NC State was on the 22nd in the same month.

Tank is attempting to graduate in December enabling him to get to a college campus in January.

TSW: Hey Tank, been trying to catch you. I guess with your season coming to an end, you have more time at home.

Tank: Yes sir. We lost Friday night.

TSW: I hate to hear that. What happened?

Tank: We were tricked for the most part. They ran a bunch of trick plays that made the difference. Things like the fumble rooskie.

TSW: What was E E Smith's final record?

Tank: We finished 12-3.

TSW: Tell me how your visit to NC State went a few weeks ago.

Tank: It went pretty good. I had a good time. I went to the FSU game. After the game we went out to eat and I just chilled with the guys.

TSW: Who was your host?

Tank: Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay.

TSW: You have been to Ohio State as well. Tell me the difference between the two visits.

Tank: One is nearby and one is far away.

TSW: Will distance make a difference in where you choose?

Tank: Not really.

TSW: Have you got any more visits lined up?

Tank: I have Maryland this weekend. I am waiting for the clearing house to clear me. If they clear me, I won't have time for anymore visits after that.

TSW: So you are still trying to enroll early?

Tank: Yes. I have not qualified with the clearinghouse yet, but as soon as I get cleared I can enroll early.

TSW: What is the deadline for getting this done.

Tank: Classes start January 9th*, so I need to get things done by then. I am just waiting on the clearinghouse.

TSW: Do you have a leader?

Tank: Not really.

TSW: Do you have any plans for playing any other sports?

Tank: I play in the Shrine Bowl in a couple of weeks. I have to check in for that in two weekends.

TSW: Will you miss classes?

Tank: Yes, I will just have to do my school work before I go.

TSW: Good luck in Rock Hill. I hope I can get there to see you play.

*Writer's note: While Tank was not naming a favorite, January 9th is the first day of the spring semester at NC State!

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