Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

DURHAM, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after Saturday's 27-17 win over the Blue Devils.

Russell Wilson

"We're really coming together. It's working out. We had a real good week of practice and that was the key for us... Duke is a good team. They played well."

"I'm working on that. Each game definitely helps me. The offense is really coming together."

"They all want the ball in their hands and I'm going to give it to them. They did an exceptional job really. We had to throw the ball a little bit, and they made some great plays."

Andre Brown

"It's an opportunity. We're trying to go to a bowl and we've got three games left."

"We're just going to take it one at a time."

"All props goes to the big guys up front. They are up their blocking tails off and we're getting what we need to get... those guys are taking it as an insult that we don't run the ball. They want to run the ball... it's an attitude with them. They want to run the ball. It's all up front."

Willie Young

"I can't even answer it because play-by-play, all we know is we're going hard every play."

"We just keep our eyes away from the scoreboard and go straight ahead."

"All we know was to go straight ahead and cancel our gaps."

Nate Irving

"It felt great. God gave me an opportunity to come back and I felt like I came back pretty good on the ankle. We came away with the W."

"It was very important. We had momentum on our side and we wanted to keep it that way. When the offense goes for it on fourth down, the defense feels like they are trying us so we have to go and stop them."

"You've got to loosen up sometimes and have fun."

Owen Spencer

"Our offense is getting better every week and the defense is making plays."

"You have to get up on a team like this early... you have to score points to win... it's a shootout every week."

"Now we have all the pieces together. We just have to take what the defense gives us."

"Russell, he's growing in this offense. Every week he gets better and as receivers we look at him as our leader."

Anthony Hill

"Somebody has got to step up. Somebody had to make plays and that's what happened."

"The defense showed up so we had to turn around and answer for them."

"He was trying to post up on me. Both of us kind of went up for the ball."

Jarvis Williams

"In pregame, we planned that play. I was telling [Russell] they were giving the outside so just throw it at his helmet and I'll tap the ball up and he wouldn't even know it. By the time he reacted I was dragging him into the endzone."

"We've been practicing jumpballs all week. They were giving the passing game to us."

"That's how we were going to win the game, make big plays."

J.C. Neal

"With a threat like T.J. Graham, everybody is going to key in on him. We did a great job using him as a decoy."

"It was important... that big play boosted everybody's morale."

"You already knew I was fast... you're acting like it was a shock."

"It's a good jumpstart to the last half of our season... it's a great win. We deserve it."

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