Blackman to run with the Pack!

Darrell Blackman, one of the top running backs in the nation took his official visit to NC State this past weekend and before it was over, Coach Amato received a verbal. TSW talked to Darrell in a Monday Interview to get his reaction to the Raleigh visit.

Blackman and teammate Raymond Brooks from Williamsport Pennsylvania took an official visit and walked away as future Wolfpackers.

Blackman had an outstanding season for SHS finishing the year with 2467 yards and 22 touchdowns. SHS finished the season with a 7-4 record.

TSW: I see you just got back from a trip to Raleigh. How did it go?

Blackman: It went great. They have a real good program there.

TSW: Did you commit while there?

Blackman: Yes sir. It was the right fit. I was real excited about being there and the coaches and players were real excited I was there.

TSW: What were some of the things that excited you about the trip?

Blackman: The school, the new buildings, the players and coaches. The coaches were real good and they seemed to like me.

TSW: What did you think of the new football facilities?

Blackman: The weight room is going to be great. They are putting in some sky boxes. I look forward to being a part of that next year.

TSW: Who was your host?

Blackman: T.A. McClendon. We got along really good. He told me they only have two running backs, and that if I come, then we can split the time. It will be just like Virginia Tech with their running backs.

TSW: Did T.A. have his cast off?

Blackman: Yes.

TSW: Did your teammate Raymond Brooks commit also?

Blackman: Yes. We hope we will be able to room together. We have talked about it.

TSW: When will you try to enroll in school?

Blackman: We are going to get down there in June or July. We want to get down there and go to work. We are going to work hard.

TSW: Were you there when they made the announcement that NC State will play Notre Dame in the Gator Bowl?

Blackman: Yes. I am happy for them. Its good. I'll keep in touch with them about it and they said they would keep in touch with me for my game on January 5th.

TSW: What game is that?

Blackman: The Army All-Star game.

TSW: Did you know T.A. made that team last year?

Blackman: Yes. He's a good running back.

TSW: Last time we talked, you told me that NC State had a slight lead over Maryland. What turn things NC State way?

Blackman: I just got along with everyone so good. I had been to a couple of unofficial visits to Maryland, but I knew the players and they knew me in Raleigh. I have talked to them for a long time.

TSW: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your visit?

Blackman: Nine. Everything was good.

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