Spencer: 'I'm ten times better'

Owen Spencer discusses his development as a wide receiver after practice on Wednesday. Spencer leads the Pack in catches and receiving yardage.

Owen Spencer

On his progression at wide receiver
"I feel like I've made tremendous strides in all phases of my game. Coming into the season when we had an injury to Donald Bowens someone had to step up and I took that into my own hands to prepare myself to be a play-maker on this team. To become the No. 1 receiver on this team and to become the go-to guy as camp went on. I think that preparation, and week to week with us practicing and all the drills we do I'm ten times better than I was at the beginning of the season."

On making the big plays
"When the big plays are called I get excited. I go 100 percent every play to set up those big plays so I can get the ball."

On the part of his game he's improved the most this season
"I'd say my blocking. I've gotten more physical as the weeks went on and sometimes its about just getting that first block out of the way, that first hard hit of the game out of the way so you can be ready for all four quarters and just staying physical."

"We have big receivers – I believe we have the biggest receivers and the best receiving core in the ACC and one of the best in the country. So when you consider us one of the best its not just about catching balls all the time its about getting blocks on the field so other running backs, other players can get that big run, that big gain. Throughout the course of the season and in camp coach O'Brien he harped on getting more physical out in the flank and I think we are doing a better job of that."

On using his body against defensive backs
"It's just like playing basketball out there. I kind of watch our bigger receivers like Jarvis Williams, Darrell Davis how they get excellent body position on their defenders. They are excellent basketball players and when you have guys like that to show you how to do things. I played basketball but I'm not as big and physical as those guys."

On playing with Russell Wilson
"You have to be on your toes. He can run at any time or throw at any time. It's really like a roller coaster. You get excited and it has its ups and downs but its a great ride. We are just feeding off of his energy right now and hopefully he can continue to lead us to some big wins."

On Wilson's development
"He's developed into an excellent quarterback. You can see it in the clippings and on the film. He's a great leader on our team. He gets us hyped before every play and he talks to the line and says each player has a certain job to do and pumps them up. Everybody in the huddle gets recognition."

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