Quotables: Wake Forest Players

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Several Wake Forest players met with the media to discuss Saturday's game against NC State and here is a sampler of what he had to say.

Redshirt junior cornerback Brandon Ghee
On how frustrating it is to be out of the game:

"It's very frustrating. You have to look on and hope that your teammates with come through. Josh Bush is a good player, real young but he has a lot of experience. Hopefully he'll do his work."

On the driving force of the championship game:
"Of course it is our goal at the beginning of the season to go to Tampa. We still have to get through N.C. State and hopefully when we go to Raleigh we'll come out with a win."

On the defense in the game against Virginia:
"I think we came together as a team and we watched a lot of film. Coach Lambert told us he was a little disappointed about the Duke game and allowing them to score 30 points. For the Virginia games we came together and tried to work as a team."

On the meaning of the state championship:
"It means a lot. Marshall's from Durham, I'm from Fayetteville and we've played a lot of these players in North Carolina. This will be an exciting match up."

Redshirt sophomore wide receiver Marshall Williams
On the games left:

"We've got two key games left against two good teams and it's really getting down to grind time in the ACC. We're just taking it one game at a time. N.C. State is a great opponent, they have a great coach, and they are a very physical team. We're just looking forward to Saturday."

On looking towards Tampa:
"It drives us a lot. Knowing that everyone during this time is really neck and neck in the conference is a big motivation for us to set ourselves apart. We come in every year and we are not expected to be the champions. To prove that some of that is wrong is a great motivation."

On looking to N.C. State coming off a win:
"N.C. State is a very dangerous team. They see us as a challenge and they want to be the kings of North Carolina. They are playing great ball right now with a great quarter back and their defense is really tenacious."

On what allowed you to be so open for Riley on Saturday:
"It starts with our own line, they really stepped up and gave Riley a lot of protection. At practice we've been repping a lot of throws and making sure we connect. We know that our offense can really move the ball if all of our receivers step up and contribute. We are a vital part of the offense."

Redshirt sophomore middle linebacker Matt Woodlief
On what he's learned playing with this defense:

"Mostly what I've learned from A.C. [Aaron Curry], Stanley [Arnoux] and Chantz [McClinic] is how they communicate with one another, and how they stay focused every week and how hard they play. Even in practice, they go 150 percent each play. If they mess up, they still fly around to the ball. That's what I've learned and what Hunter [Haynes] has learned."

On NC State and the rest of the season:
"Right now, all we're focusing on is this week. To beat NC State, we just have to go up there and play in their environment, and just outplay them. We just have to finish each quarter, and we've got to play four quarters. We just have to go up there and do our jobs, each and every one of us - offense, defense and special teams."

On NC State's quarterback Russell Wilson:
"I think he's only thrown one interception and he hasn't been sacked a lot this year. [Wilson]'s very quick and very accurate. He does anything just to stay away from being sacked."

On running back Andre Brown of NC State:
"He's a very hard and physical runner and likes to lower his shoulder a lot. He reminds me a lot of Virginia's [Cedric] Peerman, how he runs and how hard he runs. He's a good player as well. They're all good players. Offensive line, wide receivers, the whole team's good. We just have to go there and do our job."

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