Rumph plans to be a Wolfpacker

LeRue Rumph (6'2 213 4.5) from Central Catholic High School in Clearwater committed to NC State this week. TSW caught up with the Florida DB to get the inside information about his decision.

TSW: We got word from the Insiders that you have committed to play for NC State. Is that true?

Rumph: Yes sir, it's true.

TSW: Can you tell me a little bit of how you arrived at your decision?

Rumph: I looked at the depth chart. NC State has a sophomore and a junior at my position. The sophomore is 5'11". He runs a 4.4. I run a 4.5 and I am 6'2". He may be a little faster but I am a little bigger.

TSW: Your size 6'2" 213 pounds reminds me alot of a former NC State player, Jessie Campbell. Do you know of him?

Rumph: Was he the man?

TSW: You could say that. He hit a lot of wide receivers hard. Are you known to be a big hitter?

Rumph: I make people smile when I hit them.

TSW: What else made you go for the Pack?

Rumph: They have four graduating seniors, one is Terrance Holt. He will be drafted, and Coach Demarest put two in the draft last year. If I accept his coaching, he can help get me to the next level. I have the athleticism and vision. He can teach me the position and the reads. He can get me ready.

TSW: Were you scheduled to visit Raleigh this past weekend?

Rumph: No. I am not sure how that got started. We have not set a date yet, but it will be some time in January. After they whoop Notre Dame, we will get together. I am talking to a couple of guys down here about going up with me. Reshaun Grant, Andre Caldwell, and Jamesley Jean. Those Jefferson guys can help. We get that group up there (Raleigh), I am talking ACC Championship, BCS and alot of things happening. Even if those guys don't go, its still going to happen.

TSW: NC State had an in-home last week with Reshaun. Did they visit you too?

Rumph: They stop by and talk to me often.

TSW: Do you talk to any of the NC State players?

Rumph: Jay Davis went to my school. I was a sophomore when he was a senior. I keep in touch with him. He gives me all the stats. I also know Chris Murray.

TSW: Who were your other schools that you liked.

Rumph: I like Georgia alot. Also South Florida.

TSW: NC State has a coach that was at South Florida last year. Do you know him?

Rumph: Coach Canales. I was talking (by phone) to the South Florida coaches one day and they were saying, "you need to come to South Florida". He was in the background saying, "no you need to go to NC State". I think he is still close to those guys.

TSW: What was your team's final record?

Rumph: 6-6. We lost in the second round.

TSW: Do you have any stats?

Rumph: I played wide receiver and defensive back and some running back. I played more running back last year and less this year. On defense I had 6 or 7 interceptions and I averaged about 8 tackles per game.

TSW: Thanks LaRue. I'll call you back in January after your visit.

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