Quotables: Pack Reaction

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien and several players met with the media following the 21-17 win over Wake Forest.

Head Coach Tom O'Brien
"Our football team is headed in the right direction. Wake Forest is a heck of a football team. Their quarterback is really good and almost got us there at the end, but we managed to hang on. You've got to give our team credit for keeping it close. The three previous games before Duke we weren't able to win games at the end of the game, and certainly we were able to hang on to win tonight. I'm really happy for our kids and our assistant coaches."

"The [defense] hung in there and kept playing. They've got this concept of forget the last play and play the next. It's not revolutionary, but it is something that you have to play with especially on defense."

"They are a big man-to-man defense, and when you play man-to-man, you're running down the field and chasing guys. When you get out, there is a lot of room underneath which [Russell Wilson] was able to find."

"I think it was a great win. Our guys had a lot of pent-up emotion. We finally found a way to win one of these close games where it came down to one or two plays."

"I give credit to our whole defense. They bought into the coaches' mantra of finishing a play and getting ready for the next one."

"[Russell Wilson] is able to get first downs. He's great on his feet and he's smart about throwing the football. He's good at forgetting about a bad pass and he's able to move on to the next play." Alan-Michael Cash
"They dropped back in the pass [on the final play], and I knew someone had to make a play, so why not me?"

"We told each other, let's step it up. Let's stop it right here. They score no more. So we just dug our heels in and went out there."

George Bryan
"When we come out strong and we come out hard, everybody is…pumped up, and it carries over from next series to next series."

Andre Brown
"[Russell Wilson's] throwing perfect balls…I'm glad I'm 21 and in my senior year, but I wish we came together or something."

"I walked over and told [Russell Wilson] to shake [the fumble] off and step up. And he looked at me and said, ‘You're right, you're right' and went out there, put a good drive down, and we went down there and scored another touchdown."

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