PC: Brown, Kuhn Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Andre Brown and Markus Kuhn met with the media today to discuss the game against North Carolina.

Andre Brown

"It's going to be an emotional game, especially being my last time playing against a pretty good school over there and our rival."

"It's a lot at stake for us and for them."

"If we lose we can't go to a postseason bowl game. I want to be around these guys. I love the unity and the bond we have here."

"O-line attitude... the o-line has really installed that they want to be a physical bunch of guys out there."

"You can get the sense of how good of a linebacker he's going to be, and you can see how much of an impact he has on that defense."

Markus Kuhn

"It's really a big game for us. First of all it's UNC, it's a big rivalry but we also play each and every week for having an extra game... a bowl game."

"Shea's a really good player. Shea coming in from a junior college, he made a great contribution for our team and he still is. It's a big loss. It's always sad to lose a good football player... we just have to keep working hard. He plays the same position I do so I've got to step up and make more plays because he's not there anymore."

"We just have to keep on playing the way we're playing right now."

"Beating Wake Forest and beating Duke, our confidence level is up."

"It's not about being the greatest player... it's about the attitude. It's about who wants it more, who wants to make a stop."

"Nate is a motivation for us. He's a really good football player. Just having him out there with us... you don't always have to say everything as a football player. When you watch him making plays, it makes you want to step your game up and play on his level."

"We'll watch film on both quarterbacks and we're going to prepare for both."

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