Gray: 'Treat it like any other game'

Jeremy Gray spoke after practice on Tuesday, discussing the impact of Nate Irving and preparing for North Carolina on Saturday.

Jeremy Gray

On his progression this season
"I was kind of quiet at the beginning of the year, in the first couple of games I wasn't getting much work to my side. As the year went on my tackling got better, I think I became a more aggressive tackler. That's the thing we needed the most in the secondary, we've missed a lot of tackles so I became a better tackler. I think that's helped both me and the team out."

On the impact of having Nate Irving healthy
"He's just a more experienced linebacker. He played last year, he's had five or six starts so he knows that game-time feeling. If something doesn't go right in the game he knows how to pull through still, how to make checks when we do something wrong. You kind of can't do that with a freshman, someone that just got here and just started playing this year."

On playing Carolina
"You have to treat it like any other game you can't put too much focus on it. You have to treat it like a regular game, come out here and practice every day."

"I haven't heard nothing yet, but I know I'm going to hear something."

On stopping the Tar Heel's receivers
"You just have to know where they are at on the field. Once you learn in the film room what kind of routes they do, what kind of personnel they use. You have to know that stuff, you have to do a lot of studying, a lot of film work."

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