O'Brien: 'They've worked awful hard'

Tom O'Brien spoke to the media following Thursday's practice, discussing the running game and the UNC quarterback situation.

Tom O'Brien

On the importance of the running game Saturday
"Obviously the running game is always important as far as we are concerned. It's one thing that we came in here to be better at and we've certainly been better at it probably in the last month or four or so games. We have to continue to improve upon it and its one thing we work hard on every week."

On the play off the offense
"They've worked awful hard – we are going to play a great defense. They're awful big in the middle, they have great speed and great size in their linebackers and certainly their secondary is playing very well. They've created a lot of turnovers, they've returned interceptions for touchdowns so you know it could be the best defense we play this year."

On preparing for two quarterbacks
"We don't prepare for two we prepared for the North Carolina offense and I think whoever they choose will execute the offense that they run. That's what we've gotten ready for, schematically what they do on offense."

On who he thinks will start for UNC
"Doesn't matter, whoever they start we are going to have to play. As I said we play for their offense and what they've done in the past."

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