PC: Hill, Gray Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Jeremy Gray and Anthony Hill met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Miami.

Anthony Hill

"You can't just assume we're going to win the game just because we've been winning games. We have to come in there and start winning this game on Tuesday's practice."

"I feel like the seniors that we have and with the other leaders that we have on this team, we're not going to let that happen here. That was completely embarrassing, so I feel like we're going to come in and make sure that doesn't happen again... starting on Tuesday."

"We knew that we were getting very, very close. With a couple of guys coming back and getting healthy, it kind of gave us that little extra push that we needed."

"I feel like [Russell Wilson] definitely deserves it all. He's the kind of guy who shows up and all he wants to do is give 100% for his team. Just to see him continue growing and growing over the past four or five weeks... just for him to come into practice and do... it seems like gameday, we're not surprised because he's been doing the same thing at Tuesday's practice, Wednesday's practice, Thursday's practice. He's just coming out there and giving 110% like he always does."

"We just had a sitdown and a heart-to-heart... we understood that we have to turn everything up. Tuesday's practice that week was a great practice and from that week on we've been having great practices."

"We had a meeting already and I just asked coach O'Brien if whenever he was finished he could hand it over and all the coaches and staff could leave the room and they did."

"There were so many people that said different things, all of them basically said the same thing. We had to turn it up. We didn't feel like everybody was giving 110% so we had to do that much more and push that much harder so we could start getting a couple of wins in here."

"We are a close team and you can almost tell whenever you are out there on gameday. It's almost like guys don't want to miss their blocks because they don't want to let down the guy to the right of them, or the quarterback, or the defense. If the defense makes a huge fourth down stop, then we really, really want to go in there and capitalize because they've showed that they... are doing everything for us. We feel like there is no other option but for us to go out there and do what we can for them."

"I've been here for four and a half years. It's been a drastic change."

Jeremy Gray

"We can't let this win affect us. We've got to come back and practice hard like the game never happened and continue to play hard."

"The mood really didn't get bad. We stayed positive, still practiced hard, and we just knew that as a defense we had to finish out the game. Those three games you talked about, we were either ahead or could have stopped them to go to overtime."

"You're kind of more energized... ready to get on the field... now we can't wait to get on the field and make some plays because we see the offense making plays."

"He has the ability to run and make plays with his feet. If nothing is open, he'll run or throw it away so that makes him real dangerous."

"We had to tell everybody that we needed to step up. We needed to stop having people be individuals and we needed to come together as a team for these last few games."

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