Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State Head Coach Sidney Lowe discusses the Pack's win over UNC Greensboro on Sunday afternoon at the RBC Center.

Sidney Lowe

"We were moving the ball. We played unselfish, they ran their zone and early we took a couple of quick 3s but I think we settled in and started to move the ball around and make them work a little bit. We punched it inside and that's really what did it for us we started going inside-out instead of taking the quick 3."

"It just makes such a huge difference for our team when our bigs are in there controlling [the boards] and Ben has been playing great basketball. Just concentrating on playing hard and just doing the right things and it payed off again today."

"I thought about putting [Degand] in late in the game just to get him some contact going down to Davidson but the other side of it is that I didn't want to put him in there and something happens. Now he can get another day of rest and therapy – but he's ready to go."

"[Javi] probably communicated as much today as I've seen in a long just talking to guys and telling them what's open and what's there. He just played a solid game."

"[Stephen Curry]'s fun to watch when you aren't playing against him. Hopefully he's not too fun on Saturday. Scouting him is not real difficult because you know what he can do – the challenge is stopping him."

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