The Gloves are off!

OK, I am normally a nice enough guy, that I can let most of the rain roll off my back. Someone once said, it is hard to be an NC State fan.

Brother you don't know the half of it. I have officially eaten enough crap from those with legitimate and unqualified claims of either the jealous or just Non-NCSU apologists.

I'm going to name names! I'm going to call people out! Please feel free to respond directly to me if you have a subpoena or you want to threaten to throw a brick through my window.


Scott Michaux - Augusta Chronicle

"The more precise word I can use for it is "fraud," and it means nothing. The Wolfpack finished fourth in the conference, lost to second-place teams Maryland and Virginia and padded its 10-3 record with Division I-AA patsies Massachusetts and East Tennessee State. But Amato finagled his way into the Gator just like he did last year to gain a Tangerine berth, all so he can impress kids in the recruiting hotbed of Florida."

I am truly sorry that your attention-starved little corner of Georgia is under attack from Martha Burk, but why did you have take exception to a team that you have probably seen a total of 3 times. Then only through the haze of bleach and Dawn did you pull yourself out of the vomited heap that you call your weekend existence. We know how many ACC games Jefferson-Pilot carry in Augusta. Thank you for chiming in, Bob Woodward. Zoot Rating - Tool


Trev Alberts – ESPN and

  • "No way the Wolfpack wins this game."
  • "OK They are for real!!!"
  • "NC State will not beat Florida State two years in a Row."
  • "NC State Played a Flawless game and will represent the ACC well in a bowl game."

Whew boy, where do I start? I will use small words and speak very slowly. I have seen smarter professional wrestlers. Do all Cornhuskers have lobotomies upon leaving Lincoln? What the hell? If you have a job and an original thought next season, you should win the Heisman. You changed direction more than the Donner Party this past season. Dude, what is up with that serious part in your hair? It looks like it was carved with a backhoe. Zoot Rating – Dumber than Goofy


Caulton Tudor – News and Observer

Infractions too many to list!

Go back to something that maybe a NC State grad can stomach to read of yours. Go back to hockey coverage! Dear God, it was absolutely painful to read your exaltations of the Wolfpack. My eyes bled and my colon fell out of my bowels. Zoot Rating – Wandered away from the home and the media needs your help in finding him.


Gregg Doyel – Charlotte Observer

"As for smoothing this whole thing over with Virginia, allow me: All parties involved with the system that allowed the Gator to choose N.C. State are sorry. They may even feel bad, too."

I have something for you to look at in my pants, funk soul brother. I saved a special place for you at the kid's table during the Gator Bowl. Question: Did you start writing down this crazy crap in your head, before or after your time at Dorthea Dix? I think if anyone from the UNC-CH Athletic Department stop walking suddenly, your head and tongue is going to have to be surgically removed from their anal orifice. I have heard that a strapping lad of your talents could make a good sort of a living in appliance moving. I am truly sorry that the decent sized city of Charlotte has to read the moaning of a dejected athlete who always thought he understood the games he wrote about. In reality, they only find out that he is just a whiny shell of a man, who cannot write an inspired piece without flaming somebody up. Zoot Rating – May require a courtesy flush.


Adam Gold –850AM the Buzz

"State has never enjoyed a 10-win season, and if the Seminoles come to Raleigh and exact revenge for last years Wolfpack win in Tallahassee, then number 10 will likely have to come in the form of a Continental Tire Bowl or (gulp) Seattle Bowl victory."

You could have done a lot worse. You are not right all the time though, contrary to what the voices tell you. Zoot Rating – Short, Bald


Jobu –

"#18. N.C. STATE 2001 record: 7–5 (4–4 ACC)

Returning starters: 5 offense, 6 defense

For a team on the way up, last year sure seemed like a step down. Despite a road victory against Florida State, the Pack was held to nine points in a losing effort at home against North Carolina and fell to surging but inferior Pittsburgh in the Tangerine Bowl. Head coach Chuck Amato's got a hot 20-year-old girlfriend in QB Phillip Rivers, who'd better make the most of his looks now. Because Amato's bat ****crazy, the team has been operating since last season without a defensive coordinator while trying to find replacements for defensive MVP LB Levar Fisher and three other members of the front seven."

He is my Writer of the Year for NCSU Wolfpack Football. Zoot Rating –Solid B

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