Quotables: Pack Discusses Win Over WSSU

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe and several players met with the media following the win over Winston-Salem State.

Sidney Lowe
"Thought our guys came out and played with good energy. We didn't take care of the ball enough in the first half as well as we wanted to. They did a nice job of changing defenses and trapping us. But I thought our guys settled down, our effort was there and I thought we played a pretty good ball game."

On Farnold not playing:
"That was a disciplinary thing, something that I decided and not to play him. [Could he be back next week?] Possibly."

On Fells' injury:
"He went up and worked out and did the warm ups and he said he felt OK, but a little sore. We told him just to shut it down. He said 'if you need me to go, then I'll go.' But we thought we had enough guys that we can go ahead and win this ball game. So hopefully we'll see him soon."

Costner's injury:
"I haven't seen him yet but I know he was dizzy in the second half. That's the reason he didn't go back in the ball game."

"It's a good thing when you have guys, especially with guys like Trevor and Simon, who have experience and you can plug in to the starting lineup. I took C.J. out because I wanted Trevor in there with a little more experience playing with Simon. Those guys did a great job for us. With this time with exams, guys are mentally drained, and they came out and played well."

Turnovers, what was the message at halftime?
"Don't turn it over. They tried to speed us up a little bit and our guys were getting careless with the basketball. They were very quick -- quick hands, and we were very loose with it. We didn't make the first pass, we wanted to hold it and make a home run pass and by that time it was closed off.

"Very important to get back on the winning track. To come out and play the way we did early with energy is tough. These guys are up all night studying for exams, and practicing as well, it's good for them to come out with the energy they had.

"We have to make sure we continue to work as hard as we can so we stay in shape. These guys will take as much as you give them. We need to make sure the main thing is that they continue conditioning and stay in shape.

"Johnny is Johnny. He's exactly what you see in terms of his energy and his effort and athleticism. You saw him going in there, getting offensive rebounds, jumping over people -- that's who he is. He just plays hard. He said his knee felt good, and that's a good thing for us to have him in there and give him some minutes."

Ben McCauley
"One of the things coach said early on is that we have the advantage inside, so we need to go inside. Sure enough, we did that and we started getting some easy baskets. Then sure enough, when they doubled down, we'd kick it out and and Trevor was hitting some big shots, so were Brandon and Dennis really. It's just typical basketball for us -- work inside until they double team, then kick it out.

"Simon really played well. He stepped it up with Courtney being out and he showed you what he's made of. That's the way Simon's been playing all year really -- even in practice, and in the first couple of games when he didn't get as many minutes.

"Years in the past, especially Coach Lowe's first year, we didn't have much of a bench at all really. Last year we had a little bit more, but this year I feel like we really have two strong lines -- a first five and a second five. That's good, because when you get into ACC play, the tempo gets higher and a lot of guys are going to be tired. To have some extra guys is going to be big for us.

"It's good to have these games to develop and work the kinks out. We're all really coming along now and getting to the solid play we need to be at. We have some tough non-conference games with Marquette and Florida. These games are good to develop the young guys and get some rhythm and chemistry.

Javi Gonzalez
"I feel a lot better. My legs are back and my upper body strength is a lot better than last year. I just got to work with the team through the whole preseason and I think that helped us out a lot, with our chemistry and playing together as a team.

"A whole year of experience and the preseason and the games this year, I feel a lot more prepared compared to last year.

On splitting time with Julius:
"It helps a lot because you get to see what the defense is trying to do off the weak-side help. Just watching the game and how the guys off the ball are playing us.

"They were trying to give us different looks and make us turn the ball over, and I don't think it worked. In the first half we were careless with the ball and they got turnovers out of it. In the second half they tried to trap us and we got layups out of it."

Trevor Ferguson
"It's basketball. It was a hard foul last week but that doesn't happen very often. It's basketball so you just have to have the confidence to go out there. It felt good to have a fast break and actually make it and not fall on my back.

"My teammates were getting on me about it because they wanted me to [dunk it], but I was a little nervous from high school when I broke both of my wrists, then last week, so I just wanted to try to make the basket and get out of there safe.

"The good thing about this team is we've got great depth. We have players ready to come off and contribute."

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