PC: Pack Players Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media today to discuss the upcoming bowl game against Rutgers.

Russell Wilson

"I knew I had to rely on my senior leaders... guys who had experience during games and trust them."

"We're a lot more experienced... understanding of what we're trying to do on offense as a team and me as a quarterback."

"He wants me to get it to my wide receivers who make plays... that's what they are there for. He wants me to get it to my tight ends, my running backs... just trust my other teammates. They've got a lot of skill and can make plays."

"[Mike Glennon] is a real good friend. He's from Virginia, so I've got to like him (laughing). He's a real good guy and a talented player."

"It's a good time (rooming with Glennon on the road), but at the same time you talk about football, you talk about games, what's happened in the past during games... you try to understand why things happen the way they do, positively or negatively."

"We don't really talk about next year. I'm just excited about the bowl game... it should be a great game."

Nate Irving

"I think we did a good job of picking up where we left off. The coaches have been reminding us that we have a task at hand."

"I think it's a credit to all of our guys being healthy at the end of the year... we were able to show what we could do on defense."

"I learned it from my position coaches in high school and up here in college. It's about studying your opponent so much that you know what they are trying to do to you."

"That's not the reason I play football. I can't do anything about that. I just take it and move on."

"That's just something I have to sit down with my coaches and my parents and talk about."

"I haven't [put my name in for the Draft Advisory Board]. Right now I'm just worried about getting ready for Rutgers. After Rutgers then I'll do all the decision making about future plans."

Jeremy Gray

"Coach has always stressed that if we did make it to a bowl we want to win. We're trying to win."

"We're trying to have a winning season. If we lose we'll have a losing season."

"It's been pretty amazing, to do what he's done as a freshman... to come in and take a leadership role and keep working through the whole season."

"We've got guys who have been here through the spring and really catch on pretty quick."

"I think Nate made a real good impact on the team."

Andre Brown

"It's a bowl. That's all that matters. I get to be around these guys for a couple more weeks."

"I'm flying. I'm not going to drive."

"I'm going to keep mine. That's my present to myself."

"I'll say the practices really changed. You see guys sprinting from drill-to-drill."

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