O'Brien, Brown thank fans after open practice

Fans got to check out the Wolfpack football team as it prepares for the Papajohns.com Bowl against Rutgers. After the open practice, fans were able to take to the field to talk to and take pictures with some of N.C. State's stars.

Tom O'Brien

On the hundreds of fans that came to the practice:
It really speaks to the fan base that they would come out here. It'd be nice if we had a nice day. But it was amazing that so many of them even stood in the rain and didn't even go under the overhang. The kids appreciate it. You get to a practice like this , and it's just before we head out of here [for the bowl], and it really picks up the intensity of practice.

I didn't have any idea what it would be crowd size one way or the other, I just thought it'd be nice for the fans to come out and run on the field as they are after the practice. And as I said, when you put people in the stands, the practice picks up.

We start [preparation for Rutgers] tomorrow and we'll get two days of it, and that's all you really need. You have to start on it before you leave or but you don't want to do too much or you won't be able to practice at the bowl site. But if you don't start now, you'll never be able to play them.

We'll do the normal Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday practice at the bowl site, with the Tuesday being Christmas.

On Clem Johnson practicing with the team Saturday:
He's practicing but I'm not going to talk about injuries until we get to the bowl site.

Andre Brown

On the importance of hanging out with the fans after practice:
I have to give thanks to all the people that supported me my whole career, that's why I stayed out there so late.

This is the first time we've had an open practice like this. It was fun to hear the fans react to some of the things the players were doing.

On differences between this practice and normal practices:
The defense was talking a lot more. Those guys want to come out here and be all amped and hyped and do extra stuff. They were just talking.

On DeAndre Morgan's interception of Russell Wilson during first-team drills:
Russell's streak is down in practice. That's like the second pick he's thrown in all practices.

We'll start looking at film and getting in-depth with Rutgers and seeing what they have to offer. Now we'll be going against scout teams instead of going against the ones and our own defense. It's getting in the mind frame of Rutgers right now.

On difference in prepartion from the last bowl game:
We didn't have an open practice last time, and that's a lot of fun. It's great to have the fans out here and they're still running up and down the field. But I'd say it's pretty much the same, except last time we started getting ready the week of the game and looking at South Florida and all the young guys got to see extra time. This time there's more preparation for Rutgers.

I'm surprised that this many people came. They came out here in the rain and everything. I know I wouldn't have come and sat in the rain.

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