Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

BIRMINGHAM, AL -- Several NC State players met with the media following the Wolfpack's loss to Rutgers.

Russell Wilson

"A freak accident. I'm okay. I'm fine."

"We were talking about it and the doctors thought it was the best decision for me to sit it out."

"Our team fought well."

"I'm a competitor, I love to play... it's pretty frustrating. I wanted to win really badly. It was a good game."

"I felt great. We had a good rhythm going."

Nate Irving

"We just got hit with too many plays... plays that we practiced against."

"We have to rally around... we weren't able to do that today and that's why Rutgers came away with the victory."

"It's going to take maybe a few days... after that it's over with. You go into the offseason and get ready for the next one."

"We've got the program headed in the right direction and this loss is going to stay with all of us. We're going to remember how this feels, and we're going to try and avoid this next year."

"I have to talk to my parents... I'm in no rush. I'm enjoying college but everything is not into place yet."

Willie Young

"We've come a long ways. I'm proud of each of our players."

"I'll tell you what, that's in God's hands... everyday it's libel to be your last play."

"We were down 10 starters the first half of the season, fighting and struggling... with the exception of missing a couple of guys, we just had to overcome the adversity."

"We can only get better."

"Here... it will be here."

Daniel Evans

"It's football, we've had some quick strikes this year."

"Honestly, no. I thought I was kind of buried down there. I thought it was nice to get in there in the Miami game, it was a nice token, but I didn't really expect to get in anymore."

"All in all it's been great, just to even be here has been an awesome experience. Whether I was playing or not playing it's been awesome."

Jarvis Williams

"We knew somebody had to step up and make more plays."

"Everybody needed to step up an extra notch."

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