Locker Room Report: O'Brien, Hill, and Gray

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien, Jeremy Gray, and Anthony Hill met with the media following the Wolfpack's loss to Rutgers.

NC State Press Conference

"You have to congratulate Rutgers. They played a good game. We certainly didn't play what we feel is our best game, but we played hard and overcame some things. We turned the ball over too much, and I think that was the story of the game."

"You can't blame it on injuries. We had our opportunities in the third quarter and couldn't seem to make a play. If we make a play here or there, we have a chance to win the football game."

"I don't know exactly what [Wilson's injury] is. The doctor recommended he didn't play, so he didn't play."

"There's no politicking when the doctor recommends you don't play. He was disappointed, but it wouldn't have done him any good anyway. I told him, 'The doctor said you're not playing, you're not playing."

"We didn't execute in the third quarter. We had some opportunities to make some plays, and we weren't able to do it."

"I thought [Daniel Evans] did an excellent job coming in an adverse situation."

"The one touchdown drive was really big, and Anthony [Hill] made a great catch there to get us in, but we couldn't close the deal."

"I think [the defense] got a little tired, but they didn't give up a lot of points. It isn't like they gave up a lot. This team was averaging over 40 points a game and 400 yards. I guess they got their 400 yards, but still I thought we did a heck of a job on defense."

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