Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Head coach Sidney Lowe met with reporters following the win over Towson.

Sidney Lowe

"Obviously the second half was better for us. We settled down a little bit and really started to move the ball around, find the open man, and be patient on the offensive end."

"I couldn't have predicted that at all, but it was really Tracy getting in the right position, sealing his body, and his teammates finding him."

"We executed the offense well and we really didn't care who was going to get it... the guys did a great job."

"We moved the ball well and we were prepared for both of their zones. The only thing we needed to do was stay patient. We got several layups and later on in the game they came out of the zone and went to man."

"We were in a situation just a game ago and we had to pick it up. I think it was really our defense... started picking those guys up full court and made things happen."

"We had conversations at the half... we got up in them, picked them up full court and I think that really started it for us."

"I'm going to take a lot from this ballgame in terms of the way we picked it up, got the lead, and extended the lead. That's an area we wanted to improve on."

"We have to play harder... but we certainly have to play smarter. That's what we did tonight. We played smart today. Against teams like Florida, we've got to play smart."

"If we're playing the right way mentally and playing smart, we should be safe."

"[Nick Calathes] is a threat anytime he touches the ball... smart player, can handle it, shoot it, pass it."

"We're going to hopefully have a good scouting report on all of those guys."

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