Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Head coach Sidney Lowe met with reporters following Tuesday's game against Florida State.

Sidney Lowe

"I thought we played hard for the most part. I thought we had a group of guys who really got in there and got after it pretty good.. played well for us, got the lead.

"We didn't get the stops when we needed to. We missed a couple of wide open shots, a couple of second opportunities for them... I thought we had some guys that really stepped up and played well, especially some of our young guys."

"Tracy and Dennis had played a lot of minutes. You're looking for your veteran guys to come back in and finish the game. As most teams do, bring your guys back in to finish the ball game. That's what we were looking for. It didn't happen."

"Our guys came off the bench and did exactly what they are supposed to do. They came in, got us back in the ball game, got us a lead, and now you bring your veteran guys back in there, your starters, and hopefully they can finish the game off."

"We just talked about this ballgame and where we are and what we need. Just like any other team in this country, there are certain guys that they count on to play well, every night... to win games. There are certain guys that we need to play well to win. That's life, that's basketball."

"Trevor's is injury. Not that it's hurting, but he's just having trouble. He's trying to shoot the ball and can't really hold it the way he needs to... I want him to get that thing off his hand so he can handle the ball."

"Farnold, I just wasn't happy with his play. I want strong, aggressive guys. I didn't think he was as aggressive tonight so he didn't play in the second half."

"Their effort, their poise in practice and in situations... those are the guys that we are going to have to count on now and down the road. I know Johnny's game. His strength is his energy and his effort. C.J. is smart... they both came in and did exactly what we hoped they would do. They played well for the most part. I thought those three guys, Johnny, C.J., and Julius, played very well for us in a tight ballgame."

"Julius is solid. He turned it over a couple of times tonight trying to do a few things, but normally he's solid. He's basic.. he's going to run your stuff for you. He's a point guard. He knows how to play the position... he's always in control and he's going to run it the right way. That's been coming."

"They are going to play the minutes they deserve to play, regardless of who they are."

"They are going to dictate their playing time, and that's the way it should be."

"Simon is still in the equation. We know what we're going to get from him too... he plays hard. Who knows? We may have to go small sometimes... Simon at the four and Johnny at the three."

"Every team has a couple of guys that need to play well for them to win. They have to, and we are no different."

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