Brooks happy with his choice

Raymond Brooks visited Raleigh a couple of weekends ago with his teammate Darrell Blackman. The two left so impressed that they told Chuck Amato that they would be back soon, but this time to stay. TSW caught up with Brooks to see how he came about his decision to run with the Pack.

Raymond Brooks is known as the thunder while Darrell Blackman is the lightning for Williamsport Area SHS. The two got the reputation as they stormed over the competition in Pennsylvania. The two plan on continuing the destruction when they bring their game to Raleigh in 2003.

The two players are not only teammates, but are best friends as well. TSW can account that Brooks and Blackman hang together as friends around the Williamsoprt area. In our numerous attempts to reach either player, they are always out with the other. We have even called Darrell's house to reach Raymond. We asked if the friendship would be carried to Raleigh as well. "We plan on rooming together when we get down there. We are both happy with our decisions and want to go down there together. We hope to get there in June so we can start to work on the playbook."

We asked Brooks what it was about the Wolfpack that helped him to choose NC State over Maryland, Iowa, Pittsburgh and Virginia. "I loved the environment. There are alot of nice people down there and there are colleges all around Raleigh. The players are really cool. I can just see me being there for the next 4 or 5 years."

The official trip itself was the clincher for Brooks. "We had a great time. Freddie Aughtry-Lindsay was my host. He was real cool about it. He showed us around and took us to a couple of parties."

Raymond expects to make an immediate impact on the roster. "I had a chance to look at the depth chart and they graduate 3 (defensive) ends. They are talking about me playing both end and fullback."

The big weekend included spending time with other prospects as well. We asked Brooks if he had gotten to know anyone else on the trip. "Brandon Nixon and Marcus Stone are both from up here, so I knew them already. We talk by phone alot. I also got to see Stephen Tulloch. We met on a visit to Pitt. I don't know if he committed or not. He was gone before I got to see him on Sunday."

Both Thunder and Lightning seem satisfied with their choice of NC State. Wolfpack fans will surely enjoy the coming storm from Pennsylvania.

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