Byrd Firms Up Commitment

Earlier in the week Pack Pride spoke with Pahokee (FL) cornerback Jarvis Byrd about his commitment and visit to NC State. On Wednesday night, Byrd maintained that his commitment to the Wolfpack is solid, and he will take no other official visits.

Earlier in the week Pack Pride spoke with Pahokee (FL) cornerback Jarvis Byrd about his commitment and visit to NC State.

"It went great," said Byrd. "I liked everything about it. I had a lot of fun with the coaches, and I had a lot of fun with the players on the team now and the recruits that will be coming in with me.

"My host was DeAndre [Morgan]. He was a good host because he showed me what it was like up there. I had fun hanging with him and the other guys like [Sterling] Lucas."

Like Byrd, Morgan is a cornerback who hails from Florida. A two-year starter for the Wolfpack, the rising junior left an impression on Byrd.

"I really respect DeAndre," said Byrd. "I think highly of him as a player... I know he's a great player. Plus he's a lot like me, and we had a lot of fun hanging out at his apartment."

Byrd also had a chance to spend time with some of the other recruits who were visiting NC State.

"A lot of the other recruits were committed like me," he said. "We all had fun because about all of us are going to NC State. I talked with Rashard [Smith], the DB from Georgia, and Asa Watson, Ben Watson's little brother. Rashard is already committed but Asa was telling me he was down to NC State and Duke.

What was the highlight of Byrd's visit?

"The best part of my visit was hanging out with the players and recruits," he stated. "Hanging out with guys like DeAndre and Lucas was the best part for me.

"I visited some other colleges, and I didn't have a bond with the players like I had at NC State. It had everything I'm looking for."

Byrd committed to NC State after landing offers from Troy, Ball State, Southern Miss, Arkansas State, Alabama State, Buffalo, Western Michigan, and Florida Atlantic. Wake Forest and Florida State have also offered the three-time state champion, and after committing to the Wolfpack he officially visited Wake Forest and considered visiting Florida State.

Before leaving Raleigh, Byrd had a chance to talk with Wolfpack head coach Tom O'Brien about his commitment.

"I told coach O'Brien I was giving him my word," said Byrd. "I told him I'm going to play for the Wolfpack. I'm done with visits now because it is the perfect place to be at. It had the coaches, the players, and the academics that I'm looking for in a college.

"Coach O'Brien was excited. He said he hopes that I can get in there early and compete for a playing spot."

A couple of days later, Pack Pride checked back in with Byrd for an update after he had a chance to talk with his parents and coaches.

"It went good. I told coach O'Brien that I was giving him my word. I told him that I'm going to be with the Wolfpack. I'm done now though. NC State feels like home. It's like the perfect place to be at. You can work and enjoy yourself the four or five years you're there. You can go there and .

"I've talked with my parents and everybody and told them I'm done," said Byrd. "My commitment is solid. I'm going to NC State. My parents are happy for me and they've liked NC State ever since coach O'Brien and coach Archer came in and visited.

"My heart was with NC State all along because they recruited me harder than anybody and they want me to come in and play right away for them."

"Now is the perfect time to go to NC State because they are building an ACC championship team," added Byrd. "With the recruits coach O'Brien is bringing in, there is a good possibility we win the ACC. We already have a great offense with Russell Wilson and those guys, and I'm hoping we can win eight or nine games next year and go from there."

Byrd stated that he has notified the other colleges of his decision and has canceled his other visits. NC State defensive coordinator Mike Archer and defensive backs coach Mike Reed are expected to go in-home on Friday.

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